The Weight is Over/Just Sayin’: Little Things Mean a Lot

I commented to Doni recently as we worked out together at Align Private Training that it’s the baby steps that add up. The tune, “Little Things Mean a Lot” seems to be the recurring theme of this health-and-fitness journey.  Sure, it’s… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Diane B. Hill: ‘Never Give Up!’

Diane, thank you so much for talking with us today about your health and fitness journey. YOU are the person who inspired me to join Align and work with Matthew R. Lister. I saw one of your Facebook posts in… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Week 21: Beyond the Plateau & Down She Goes

Ask who drives me the most crazy and I only need to look in the mirror. This week what drives me the most crazy about myself is when I when I proclaim a commitment without thinking things through thoroughly. Case… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Week 19: Lister’s List, From ‘Bingo Arms’ to the Big Picture

This week, I talked with my fitness/nutrition coach, Matthew Lister of Align Private Training in Redding, and asked a few FAQs – and by FAQs, I mean questions that frequently come to my mind. I have total confidence he’ll have all the answers. Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Part 18: Working Out Alone – Together

Kind of like having a focal point during labor to take a woman’s mind off the discomfort of childbirth, sometimes it’s my nearby workout buddies who inadvertently provide the most welcome distractions during my most strenuous workouts. Before my fitness/nutrition journey began… Continue Reading