‘It’s ugly’: Grasshoppers annihilate backyard gardens, ranchers’ rangeland in massive insect invasion

Call it the great grasshopper plague of 2024. Backyard gardeners, nursery growers, farmers, ranchers – you name it – are having their plants stripped to the stems by hordes of grasshoppers invading Shasta County. “They’re just bad. It’s a biblical… Continue Reading


New Sources Shed Light on Allegations of Domestic Violence Endured by Missing Shasta County Woman, Nikki Saelee-McCain

Nikki Saelee-McCain is missing, and the 39-year-old Shasta County woman’s close-knit family is frantic with worry. Their last communication with Nikki was on Sat., May 18, when she texted her younger sister Chloe Saelee, at about 12:35 a.m. Nikki’s brief… Continue Reading


Court Report: Gun Range and Casino Cases Move Forward in Shasta County Superior Court

Two high stakes civil lawsuits against the Shasta County Board of Supervisors are moving forward in Shasta County Superior Court. Anderson/Millville Residents versus Shasta County, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and Real Party in Interest Shasta County District 4… Continue Reading


Supervisor Garman Nominates Benjamin Nowain for Controversial Elections Commission

On July 2, District 2 Supervisor Tim Garman struck out with his attempted appointment of Nathan Pinkney to the Shasta County Elections Commission, a toothless entity created by MAGA District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones to gain more control over local… Continue Reading


Board Majority Retaliates Against Recall Crye Supporter; Removes Her From Public Health Advisory Board

Judith Menoher, a 77-year-old retired educator and highly respected lifelong community volunteer, became the latest casualty of District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye’s grudge-fueled mean streak, assisted by District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones during Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting. “There was… Continue Reading