The Weight is Over/Just Sayin’: Little Things Mean a Lot

I commented to Doni recently as we worked out together at Align Private Training that it’s the baby steps that add up. The tune, “Little Things Mean a Lot” seems to be the recurring theme of this health-and-fitness journey.  Sure, it’s… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Week 35: Oh, Baby!

When my kids were babies, I never left the house without a diaper bag that held all the essentials to care for an infant. Mainly, the bag contained spare clothing, but also, especially for older babies and toddlers, it included… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Part 3: Happy Holidays; Week One is Done

Yesterday marked the first full week on my new diet plan, something I explained  last week following my full-exposure proclamation that I was going to get serious and lose weight. My deadline to get my body back is July, when I… Continue Reading