The Weight is Over – Week 50: Miles and Miles of Milestones

It’s been a few weeks since I published an installment of  The Weight is Over. My schedule was more packed than usual, and on both nights when I normally would have written my column for a Thursday publication, it just… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Spinning Plates, Filling Plates; Acting Cranky

This is the day when I usually post my weight-loss update column. But I’m feeling distracted because tomorrow is opening night for “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Next week will be even more crazy, because Wed., Oct. 19, is the food/beer/wine-pairing event… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Part 5 – New Year, No Scale

Last week my Thursday progress report was posted on Christmas Eve. Today it’s New Year’s Eve. Thank God by next week we will be beyond the holidays, the most challenging time of the year to stay on a diet. Some… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Part 2: The Diet Plan

I’m back. Just like I said. Welcome to Week 1 of Doni’s Diet. Last week I did a super vulnerable personal disclosure about my lifelong problem with my weight. I traced the beginnings of my weight problem back to my… Continue Reading