County CEO, 2 Supervisors, Scrutinized For Undisclosed Attorney General’s Letter Exonerating DA

For more than a year, Dolores Lucero has warned Shasta County’s Board of Supervisors majority that they’re destined for prison for a variety of alleged legal improprieties, conflicts of interest and infractions. Often, as Lucero delivers her dire predictions of… Continue Reading


Press Club Honors A News Cafe Publisher Doni Chamberlain With Courage in Journalism Award

Thursday evening in Sacramento A News Cafe publisher Doni Chamberlain was honored at the 4th annual Sacramento Press Club Journalism Awards dinner as the winner of the 2024 Courage in Journalism award. She received a standing ovation as she stood… Continue Reading


UPDATE: Preliminary Shasta County Election Results: Too Soon to Call

Joanna Francescut, Assistant County Clerk/Registrar of Voters held a press release at 1:30 p.m. on Wed. March 6 Elections update, 2:17 p.m., Wed., March 6, 2024 Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County Clerk and Registrar of Voters wishes to inform the… Continue Reading


Supervisor Crye Cinches His Recall With More Lies, Retaliation, Cronyism

Does Shasta County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye want to be recalled in the March 2024 election, or what? It sure looks that way. Your average, rational, elected official who finds himself staring down the barrel of an impending explosive… Continue Reading


Rumors Swirl as Hard-right Board Majority Foments Secrets, Lies, and a Legacy of Banished County Counsels

Once upon a time — before Shasta County was overtaken in January by an ultra-right board majority — the words “special Board of Supervisors meeting” meant something, well, special, outside regular supervisors meetings. Yesterday was the board of supervisors eighth… Continue Reading


Doni’s Best Thanksgiving Recipes: Cranberry Relish, Cut-Out Cookies, Yeast Rolls & Your Favorites

Am I the only one who’s been caught off guard by Thanksgiving this year? For Pete’s sake, I still have Halloween pumpkins on my front porch! I turned their faces around so they’re just plain pumpkins, which still work for… Continue Reading


Shasta County GOP Forum: By Republicans, For Republicans, About Republican Candidates – Minus Jones

About 80 people scattered among the sea of available seats inside the McLaughlin Auditorium in Redding Wednesday. Everyone was there for a Shasta County GOP candidates forum. Judging by many familiar faces, the majority of the audience was comprised of… Continue Reading


Elderly Veteran/Former Senator Fought State Over Veterans Memorial Chapel Battle – And Won

Of all the Veterans Days 89-year-old Korean War veteran and former Senator Maurice Johannessen has commemorated, today’s may be among his most bittersweet. On this Veterans Day, the Veterans Cemetery Memorial Chapel in Igo — the one made possible by… Continue Reading


Election Night Winners: School District Stalemate Breaker, Shasta Fire District, Peaceful Elections Office

Shasta County can exhale a sigh of relief today following preliminary results from two sides of the same coin in the county’s Nov. 7 special election. One side of the coin was the election itself. According to the latest election… Continue Reading