Homeless Sleep on Snow-Covered Sidewalks as Wrecking-Ball Board Majority Destroys the County

It’s 8:15 a.m. Monday outside the Shasta County Library. It’s snowing. Three men with large backpacks and an assortment of bulging plastic bags stand in front of the library’s tall spiked locked gate. They’re waiting for the library to open,… Continue Reading


County Employee Union-Negotiation Comments Buried at Agenda’s End to Nearly Empty Chambers

It’s true that last week’s Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting was standing-room only, largely because of a controversial agenda item, R4, regarding a Second Amendment resolution sponsored by gun-seller and Dist. 4 board chair Patrick Jones. But another large… Continue Reading


Noni Doni’s 12 Bakes of Christmas – Appetizers (7, 8, 9 & 10): Cheeseball, Polenta, Brie in Pastry, Smoked Salmon Spread

If you’re in need of appetizers in a hurry, today I present four fast, easy and delicious recipes. Let’s go! First, let’s begin with the Party Cheeseball, perhaps one of the easiest appetizers of all, aside from a cheese platter… Continue Reading


Noni Doni’s 12 Bakes of Christmas (4, 5 & 6): Yeast Breads: Fennel Sticks, Challah & Rustic Rosemary Bread

I am a person of my word, and by golly, if I promised 12 Bakes of Christmas (before Christmas) then I will come through with those recipes, even if there are (gulp) 9 recipes left to publish. It just means… Continue Reading


Noni Doni’s 12 Bakes of Christmas – Day 3: Best Mexican Wedding Cookies

Some people call these cookies Mexican Wedding Cakes. Others refer to them as Russian Tea Cakes. For yet others, they’re known as Snowball Cookies, which is especially appropriate for the holidays. By any name, they’re delicious and easy to make.… Continue Reading


Suspend Politics, Prepare Best Thanksgiving Recipes, Break the Wishbone, Hope for the Best

It was a beautiful fall Sunday when I returned some items to The Home Depot. I was almost to my car when a woman I’d seen earlier inside the store with a dog on a leash ran after me and… Continue Reading