The Weight is Over – Week 59: When Comfort and Joy = Food and Drink

This time last year I was just a few shaky, baby-step weeks into my new health-and-fitness journey with Matthew R. Lister at Align Private Training. I wasn’t convinced it would work. I just knew I needed some serious help. Today,… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over – Diane B. Hill: ‘Never Give Up!’

Diane, thank you so much for talking with us today about your health and fitness journey. YOU are the person who inspired me to join Align and work with Matthew R. Lister. I saw one of your Facebook posts in… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Just Sayin’ . . . Even Pushing 80, It’s Never Too Late

My approach to this ‘system’ or mindset or lifestyle comes from quite a few more years and quite a few more trials and errors (emphasis on the errors part) than Doni has had the pleasure of experiencing. So it can be said that I followed her journey with a jaundiced eye and a great deal of skepticism. Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: No More White, Girl

Caution: This column is a major personal TMI dump. If you’re not in the mood for that today, you may want to skip this one. I was 9 the first time anyone, let alone my mother, pointed out my weight… Continue Reading