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Food for Thought/ was founded in 2007 by Doni Chamberlain of Redding, and son Joseph Domke.

Food for Thought/ is locally owned and locally interested. It features compelling, interesting, entertaining, exhilarating and informative 24/7 content that attracts tens of thousands of engaged, tech-savvy people whose incomes and education levels are higher than the average North State citizen.

We continue to grow in both content and readership.

Geographically, our readership is North State centric, drawing from Shasta, Butte, Tehama, Siskiyou and Trinity counties. Our next-higher readership concentration reaches from Medford to Sacramento; Susanville to the coast.

We have your perfect demographic. Do you have a website? is the ideal place to put your ad before tens of thousands of potential customers and clients.

Ads should be simple, and graphic-dominant. The most clickable ads are those that are specific.

Each ad clicks through to your chosen url, whether it’s a website or a Facebook page.  Because is electronic, and our advertisers are tech-savvy, we can only promote businesses that have an electronic landing page of some kind.

Our prices are competitive, and will give your ads ’round-the-clock rotating exposure with a variety of options. Ad Options

    • Masthead ad: 235 x 55 pixels. This is a specialized, reservation-only ad that shares the masthead with’s logo. The masthead ad appears on every one of’s pages. $550 a week.
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    • Horizontal banner ad: 600 by 70 pixels. This ad rotates through the site with other banner ads. It’s catchy and is good for ads that require more text. $200 per week
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    • Sidebar ads: 245 x 225 pixels. This is our popular rotating square sidebar ad, the perfect shape for large logos. $150 a week.

Ads are published after payment is received. You can give us a schedule of your desired dates for the ad to go up and come down.

Once an ad arrangement is made, it’s up to the advertiser to provide aNewsCafe with ads of the correct pixel sizes and click-through urls prior to their posting dates.

Please make checks payable to: A News Cafe. Mail checks to: A News Cafe c/o Doni Chamberlain, P.O Box 990644, Redding, CA 96099

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