Millville Elementary School District Board of Trustees Renews Superintendent Mindy DeSantis’s Contract, Plus Gateway and Anderson Updates

  The Millville Elementary School District board of trustees unanimously agreed to renew superintendent Mindy DeSantis’s contract Wednesday night, much to the delight of 25 cheering supporters who crowded the smallish K-8 school’s library for the district’s regular meeting. A… Continue Reading


Kevin Crye Potential-Recall Q&A: ‘Crye Betrayed District 1 Voters’

Please join me in welcoming retired lawyer/public defender Jeff Gorder, one of many community members who’s led the charge to recall District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye. For several months, Gorder has been a  frequent speaker during public comment periods. Gorder… Continue Reading


Shasta County School Board Follies: Moms for Liberty Infiltrates Local Districts, Chaos Ensues

At a meeting of the Shasta County chapter of Moms for Liberty early last month, Anderson Unified High School District board member Jackie LaBarbera described a bullying incident that recently occurred at Anderson High School: Several boys allegedly attempted to… Continue Reading


North State Breakdown – Episode 17 – Shasta County UPEC General Strike

The North State Breakdown investigates the Union UPEC Strike as well as the Shasta County General fund and how it is being handled by the current Shasta County Board of Supervisors. Click here to contribute to the GoFundMe fundraiser set… Continue Reading