Suspend Politics, Prepare Best Thanksgiving Recipes, Break the Wishbone, Hope for the Best

It was a beautiful fall Sunday when I returned some items to The Home Depot. I was almost to my car when a woman I’d seen earlier inside the store with a dog on a leash ran after me and… Continue Reading


Election Update: Thin Margins, Ultra-Right Candidates Lead Some Races; 2245 Unprocessed Ballots Left

Shasta County Supervisor races In Shasta County’s District 1 Supervisor race, Kevin Crye holds a narrow lead over opponent Erin Resner. Crye has 50.24 percent and 5,267 votes, to Resner’s 49.76 percent and 5,217 votes. Meanwhile, in Shasta County’s District… Continue Reading


NOV. 11 ELECTION UPDATE: 21,000+ Still-uncounted Ballots; County Clerk Speaks Frankly About Election

Journalist R.V. Scheide and I spoke with Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County’s Registar of Voters, late this afternoon, as the North State awaited the updated election counts. Darling Allen said she and her staff continue to count the remaining tens… Continue Reading


Preliminary Shasta County Election Results: Nail-biters, Shockers; Tight Races May Take Weeks to Call

After more than two years of extreme political division and rancor, Shasta County’s election-night results were a wild roller-coaster ride packed with preliminary findings that ranged from presumptive winners to nail-biter races that may not reveal obvious winners for weeks… Continue Reading


Damning Videos Show Councilman Dacquisto Mock Homeless Shelter; Oppose Homeless Solutions

If you cannot appreciate the hilarity of poverty; if you cannot find humor in the sport of ridiculing the filthy, squalid living conditions endured by Redding’s unhoused population, then you haven’t toured a homeless encampment with Redding City Councilman Michael… Continue Reading