No Justice for West Valley Victims: Hell Hath No Fury Like Protective Mothers

Two mothers continue to demand justice and sound the alarm in defense of their sons. They believe that Shasta County‚Äôs Lady Justice failed their boys, and many others. They cannot fathom why the Shasta County District Attorney refused to take… Continue Reading


Destructive Board Majority Wins Again: Shasta County Loses Distinguished, Embattled CEO

District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones got his wish. Tragically, Jones’ granted wish puts Shasta County in even greater peril. Matt Pontes, Shasta County’s CEO for just 26 months, disclosed to staff Wednesday that he will leave his position as the… Continue Reading


Shasta County Sheriff Candidates Forum: One of these guys is a lot like the other

Initially, there was no American flag visible in the Redding Library’s community room Monday evening. Even so, the Pledge of Allegiance and Old Glory were on the minds of many people who attended the League of Women Voters‘ latest candidate… Continue Reading


Shasta County GOP’s Supervisor Candidates Forum Features Sparse Audience, 1 Candidate Walkout, Multiple No-Shows

If you thought that Shasta County’s progressives and conservatives were divided, take a look at Shasta County’s Republicans. They’re so deeply fractured that they’ve devolved into public bickering, subdivision, back-stabbing, and airing their dirty laundry. Take last night’s Shasta County… Continue Reading