Misogynistic MAGA Supervisors Attack Successful Women in Zogg Fire Witch Hunt

Sometimes, I miss the good old days before “woke” when you could call a moron a moron. These days, to soften the blow, we employ fancy scientific-sounding euphemisms such as the Dunning-Kruger effect to describe those unfortunate individuals with limited… Continue Reading


Reverge Anselmo Gives Another $250,000 to Right-Wing PAC That Donates to State of Jefferson Candidate

Win Carpenter is ramping up his campaign to run for the District 3 Shasta County Supervisor seat. Carpenter will be running against long-time incumbent, Mary Rickert, who recently announced she planned to run for a third term. The Carpenter and… Continue Reading


Shasta County Supervisors Meeting Reveals Far-Right Crazy Quilt of Resolutions, Insults and Ignorance

For rational folks who’ve kept abreast of the nearly four-year-long dumpster fire that’s Shasta County’s new normal, a cringeworthy dread often accompanies the sight of dignified newcomers at Shasta County Board of Supervisors meetings. It’s akin to the anxiety one… Continue Reading