Dig This: It Can’t Go On, Part 1

Our Founding Patriarchs understood the economically destructive and corrosive effects of foreign entanglements and war on freedom and democracy.1  President after president has warned about the special interests and the usurpation of power in our republic.2   Yet, we continue to… Continue Reading


It Ain’t Sustainable – Part 2

The risks of nuclear power I described in Part 1 are startling enough, but once you put them in context they become much scarier.  That would not be so bad if we had a regulatory agency that was truly dedicated… Continue Reading


It Ain’t Sustainable – Part 1

When we think of being healthy, most of us understand that we need to eat well and exercise.  We also understand that we need to stop doing things that are unhealthy, like smoking and eating fast food.  It is the same… Continue Reading


Compost: Black Gold of Your Own Making in the Garden

The long hot days of mid-summer in the North State offers us a summer dormancy of a sorts, where it is often too hot to garden happily, too hot to plant much successfully and sometimes too hot to care. But… Continue Reading

Free Green Film Series Begins Friday with ‘Greenhorns’

What: Redding 2011 Green Film Series, featuring “The Greenhorns” and “The Story of Bottled Water.” When: Friday, June 24, 7-9 p.m. Where: First United Methodist Church, 1825 East Street, Redding, CA 96001 Cost: Free! Introducing the opening of the 2011… Continue Reading


Frugal House Showcases Designers, Benefits Symphony

I was so intrigued by this Frugal House event, which begins tonight and runs through Saturday. I’d totally be there if I weren’t already busy getting ready for our big Garden Tract Yard Sale (shameless promotion: the annual Garden Tract Neighborhood Yard… Continue Reading

This Weekend: If It’s in the House, It’s for Sale

Art of Sustainable Design

What: Frugal House 2011
When: Thursday through Saturday (June 9-11)
Where: 1660 Vallombrosa Ave., Chico

Frugal House 2011 is just days away. The popular and unique event — in which everything in the house is for sale — utilizes the talents of designers and design students in Chico and benefits the North State Symphony … Continue Reading


In a South Idaho Sturgeon Pool, Every Woman’s Fantasy

According to Marion Mahone, a school of farm-raised, American white sturgeon are living – and producing -every woman’s fantasy.

The fantasy begins in the waters of southern Idaho’s Snake River Aquifer. Here in the Magic Valley, near Twin Falls, pure melted snowpack is filtered to perfection through the porous paths of least resistance in ancient lava flows, creating perfect, crystal pools.

“We get the males out of there as fast as we can, and the girls … Continue Reading


Do We Have The Courage To Build Sustainable Cities?

On Earth Day, I jumped into my 5,000-pound pickup truck and drove 14 miles into and across town to Shasta College, where I listened to people in a windowless, overly air-conditioned lecture hall talk about sustainability. Irony is alive and… Continue Reading

Fly to Greece, Save the Planet and Be Inspired This Weekend!

I am always happy to report when there is too much to do on a weekend in the North State. Fortunately, you can fit all three of these weekend events into your schedule: Friday: Life Beyond the Wall Redding’s loss… Continue Reading