The Only Way to Experience Portland: Bite by Bite

If we had been in Redding, in August, I could never have convinced my partner, Troy, to walk anywhere. Let alone walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood, to a loosely recommended restaurant, an unknown distance away.

But it was 70 degrees when we arrived in Portland after a long, hot drive from Boise, and he got caught up in my enthusiasm for exploring a corner of … Continue Reading


Big Surprises in Idaho’s Little Capitol

After a visit to the Tsar Nicoulai caviar farm in Idaho’s Magic Valley, “Two Guys in a Minivan” headed north, en route to Boise. Here’s the next installment of reporter Adam Mankoski’s roadtrip adventure. Regardless of your belief in god… Continue Reading


In a South Idaho Sturgeon Pool, Every Woman’s Fantasy

According to Marion Mahone, a school of farm-raised, American white sturgeon are living – and producing -every woman’s fantasy.

The fantasy begins in the waters of southern Idaho’s Snake River Aquifer. Here in the Magic Valley, near Twin Falls, pure melted snowpack is filtered to perfection through the porous paths of least resistance in ancient lava flows, creating perfect, crystal pools.

“We get the males out of there as fast as we can, and the girls … Continue Reading


Exotic Beasts, Foreign Lands: Adventures of ‘Two Guys in a Minivan’

A vacation, by definition, should be a reprieve from the everyday, a time to refresh, recharge and have an adventure. It can be a time to repair loosened human connections, put the world back into perspective or recover gratitude for… Continue Reading