Methodist Church Letter Asks for County Chair’s Ouster for Acceptance of Racial Slur, Ejection of Lone African-American Protestor

As United Methodists, we are committed to challenging unjust systems of power and access by standing against, speaking against, and working against racism. We abhor the racist hate speech used and condoned at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, May 30. Continue Reading


Urgent Valentine’s Day Challenge Seeks Critically Needed Help For Young Former-Redding Family; Father Killed, Mother Has Terminal Illness

For Matt Romeyn, every day was an adventure. Whether kayaking the open waters off the Florida coast or studying methods for growing food on the International Space Station, each day offered a new opportunity for discovery. Continue Reading


Prevalence of Shasta County Residents’ Early Trauma Explains High ACEs Scores; Hope Remains

A 3-year-old boy stood in a parking lot in downtown Redding in 2018, throwing rocks at his unconscious, overdosing mother in an attempt to wake her. He was picked up by Child Protective Services and placed into the custody of his father, who had previously been drug-addicted as well, and would relapse several more times. Continue Reading


A Deadly North State Epidemic: Fentanyl Poisoning Shatters Families, Destroys Lives

A parent’s love for their child is without any conditions or limitations. Regardless of the circumstances, a parent will protect their child at any cost, but there are certain situations that the most protective parent cannot prevent. Continue Reading