Digital Divide Shrinks, Political Divide Doesn’t

If you are reading this, you have access to the Internet. That places you among the large majority of Californians who go online regularly through a home, work or school computer, their cell phone or with a library computer. Most… Continue Reading

Assistance Sought for Fallen City Worker’s Final Project

Fred Crumb, a city of Redding wastewater treatment plant operator, died on June 16, the day after a 4,500-gallon, pressurized water tank exploded while he was next to it at the Clear Creek wastewater treatment plant in south Redding. Now,… Continue Reading

Conservation Program Targets Area Rangeland

California’s grasslands, oak savannahs and low elevation foothills are often overlooked. These lands don’t provide the prime agricultural conditions that valley floors do, and they don’t offer the scenic vistas found at higher elevations. But in one way, these areas… Continue Reading

Dunsmuir Celebrates Trains and Community

Railroad Days is the biggest thing to happen all year in the southern Siskiyou County town of Dunsmuir, and the event returns this Friday through Sunday, June 10 through 12, with a full schedule of rail car tours, a parade,… Continue Reading

School’s Nearly Out, Summer Camp Nearly Open

School is just about out for the year, which means it’s time to figure out ways to keep Junior and Missy busy for the summer. You know, idle hands … . Might I suggest the Shasta County Office of Education’s… Continue Reading


Memorial Day Is More than the Start of Summer

Like many people, I celebrate Memorial Day weekend as the official beginning of summer. For most of us, this a full weekend of camping, outings to the lake, motor racing and barbecues. However, a busy schedule of relaxation and recreation… Continue Reading