In the Closet of Jefferson State – Part 1: Economic & Social Realities in California’s Pro-Trump Secessionist Far North

The inland portion of California north of Sacramento is not part of the state’s popular image. It is not home to year-around sunshine, beaches, palm trees, or urban sprawl. The largest city in the region, Redding, located over five hundred miles north of Los Angeles, is home to ninety-two thousand inhabitants. Continue Reading


7 Reasons Why Cannabis is Driving Californians Crazy

As a journalist, I’ve been closely following the effort to legalize marijuana in California for at least the past five years. In the wake of Colorado, Washington and Oregon legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, there’s an assumption that California… Continue Reading


State of Jefferson – A Modest Proposal – Part 3: Behold, The Autonomous Region of Jefferson

So, State of Jefferson fans, here’s my plan. I’m not claiming that it’s fleshed out entirely, and I’m not guaranteeing that it would work, but it’s a start.

First, Jefferson proponents would collect enough signatures for a state ballot initiative that would, as an amendment to the state constitution, allow self-selected counties to form an autonomous region, somewhat similar to self-governing Greenland, the Falkland Islands, and the tribal areas of northern Pakistan. Continue Reading