Board Chair Kevin Crye Strong-Arms Votes for His DA-Rival ROV Pick. Qualified Assistant ROV Rejected.

Mark this somber date in Shasta County’s history books: June 19, 2024 – Juneteenth, as a matter of fact — not that Shasta County recognizes anything as progressive as Juneteenth. June 19, 2024 is the date when the hard-right majority… Continue Reading


Supervisor Kelstrom Accused of ‘Threatening, Sexist, Disgusting, Demeaning’ Texts About County Commissioner, Employee

It’s been a week since Susanne Baremore and Benjamin Nowain learned that a whistleblower had come forward with disparagaing texts about them, alledgedly written by District 5 Supervisor Chris Kelstrom. Baremore shared the screengrabs of the texts on social media,… Continue Reading


Lawsuit Alleges Shasta County Board of Supervisors’ Casino Sweetheart Deal Cost County Taxpayers Millions

A lawsuit filed Feb. 13 on behalf of Shasta County taxpayers alleges the 30-year intergovernmental agreement between Shasta County and the Redding Rancheria to provide public services to the Tribe’s proposed casino relocation project in Strawberry Fields is illegal. The… Continue Reading


Citizens Group Slaps Impact-Fee-Dumping MAGA Supervisors With Cease-and-Desist Orders

As reported by A News Cafe, during Tuesday’s Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting supervisors Patrick Jones, chair Kevin Crye and Chris Kelstrom disregarded pleas from fellow supervisors Mary Rickert and Tim Garman, as well as numerous public speakers, to… Continue Reading


MAGA Board Majority Shifts New Development Costs onto Shasta County Taxpayers

In a move newly appointed Shasta County Board of Supervisors chair Kevin Crye claimed would “spur growth” and help the “little guy,” the MAGA board majority voted 3-2 to suspend new development impact fees in the unincorporated county during Tuesday’s… Continue Reading


Certification of Recall Petition Ignites War of Words as 3-1 Vote Combines Election With State’s March 5 Primary

Official certification of a petition submitted by District 1 voters to recall Supervisor Kevin Crye set off a war of words during the Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. After the Elections Department reviewed 5,106 signatures received on Sept.… Continue Reading


Shasta County Supervisors Meeting Reveals Far-Right Crazy Quilt of Resolutions, Insults and Ignorance

For rational folks who’ve kept abreast of the nearly four-year-long dumpster fire that’s Shasta County’s new normal, a cringeworthy dread often accompanies the sight of dignified newcomers at Shasta County Board of Supervisors meetings. It’s akin to the anxiety one… Continue Reading


Confederate Flag-Waving Cottonwood Militia Leader Describes ‘Suspicious’ SUV’s with ‘Black Guys’

In a recent video podcast, Paul “Woody” Clendenen, the founder and leader of the Cottonwood Militia, shared a story about suspicious “black guys” and SUV’s that recently parked just outside his home in Cottonwood. As was recently reported on A… Continue Reading


Shasta Supes Vote 3-2 to Scrap Machine Votes in Favor of Hand Tally for Election Ballots

For the third time in as many months, Shasta County’s Board of Supervisors upheld a 3-2 vote Tuesday to scrap the county’s Democracy Suite 2.2 ballot counting system leased by Dominion Voting Systems of Denver, Colo., in favor of a… Continue Reading


Gun-Selling Supervisor’s 2nd Amendment Resolution Polarizes Citizens. (Will Unpermitted Weapon-Toting Supervisors Be Arrested?)

Tuesday evening in Redding, hundreds of concerned, curious citizens arrived early to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors’ vestibule outside the board chambers. The expectant crowd crammed together to secure seats inside for a politically polarizing popular agenda item: R4,… Continue Reading