Lack of Decorum, Discriminatory Enforcement of Speaker Guidelines Causes Chaos at Shasta County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Never in my 45 years of covering public meetings at every level — from tiny school boards in Shasta County up to the California State Legislature — have I ever witnessed democracy devolve into such total anarchy and chaos as… Continue Reading


Zogg Fire Settlement Issues Reignite Shasta County Board Discussion Yet Again, Reopens Victims’ Trauma Wounds

For the third time in three weeks, Shasta County Supervisors met Friday in special session to discuss the $50 million Zogg Fire civil settlement reached between District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett and officers of Pacific Gas & Electric, as well as… Continue Reading


Supervisor Crye Seeks Independent Attorney to Investigate Shasta County’s District Attorney

Without citing specific evidence, District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye called for an outside criminal attorney to look into why Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett did not follow through on a criminal prosecution of Pacific Gas & Electric following the… Continue Reading


Crye pushes tribal mitigation agreement despite objections from Sheriff, D.A., Fire Chief

Despite objections from the county’s Sheriff, Fire Chief and District Attorney, and also without review by legal counsel or risk management staff, Shasta County’s Board of Supervisors voted 4 – 1 to accept a 30-year mitigation agreement with Redding Rancheria… Continue Reading


Public Pushes Supervisors on Wind Farm, Hand-Count Election Controversy, Exodus of County Employees

A 90-minute gripe session that led Shasta County’s Board of Supervisors 9 a.m. meeting Tuesday seemed to signal growing public dissatisfaction with an apparent lack of progress on various substantive issues. Following a brief lesson on historical disenfranchisement of citizens… Continue Reading


The Great Missouri Hand-Count Swindle: How MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Conned Patrick Jones and Kevin Crye, Costing Shasta County Millions

A manual tally voting system touted by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Shasta County supervisors Patrick Jones and Kevin Crye and recently deployed in Osage County, Missouri, costs more money, takes more time, and is less accurate than ballot tabulation… Continue Reading