Millville Elementary School District Board of Trustees Renews Superintendent Mindy DeSantis’s Contract, Plus Gateway and Anderson Updates

  The Millville Elementary School District board of trustees unanimously agreed to renew superintendent Mindy DeSantis’s contract Wednesday night, much to the delight of 25 cheering supporters who crowded the smallish K-8 school’s library for the district’s regular meeting. A… Continue Reading


Shasta County School Board Follies: Moms for Liberty Infiltrates Local Districts, Chaos Ensues

At a meeting of the Shasta County chapter of Moms for Liberty early last month, Anderson Unified High School District board member Jackie LaBarbera described a bullying incident that recently occurred at Anderson High School: Several boys allegedly attempted to… Continue Reading


Local Parental Rights Activists Target LGBTQ+ Students; Students and Allies Push Back, Gateway Recall is On

A local representative from the California Teacher’s Association has filed a complaint after right-wing gadflies Rich Gallardo, Lori Bridgeford and their traveling band of white Christian nationalist orators called for the removal of regulations that protect LGBTQ+ students at the… Continue Reading


Shasta County Supervisor Patrick Jones’ Ambitious Gun Range Plan Includes Law Enforcement Clubhouse

Patrick Jones taking bogus lie detector test. He passed. Shasta County District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones presented an ambitious plan at Thursday’s Shasta County Planning Commission meeting for a 152-acre outdoor gun range complex and gun club to be built… Continue Reading


Gateway School Board Heads For Special Election … In a County Where 3 Supes Dumped the Voting System

It’s official. Shasta County has retained the title of meanest county in California. Don’t believe it? Not only will we terminate your ability to vote, we’ll come after your pet goat! Consider VICE News’s latest glimpse into our local affairs,… Continue Reading


Just in: County Counsel Chosen. Plus, Vexed Stalemated School District Could Land in Special Election, Despite Shunned Dominion Machines

The Gateway Unified School District board of trustees failed to select a replacement for former board president Cherrill Clifford last Wednesday night, increasing the likelihood that a special election will have to be held if the diminished four-person board can’t… Continue Reading