Tense Moments Precede Yet Another Hobbs Election Lawsuit Hearing

Tuesday morning, the crush of people who filled the hallway outside the last courtroom on the sixth floor of the Shasta County Courthouse resembled sports fans clamoring toward the entrance to ensure snagging the best seats inside. Election-denier Laura Hobbs… Continue Reading


P for Vendetta: Shasta County District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones Strikes Out Twice in Attempt to Disqualify Judge from Gun Range Lawsuit

Considering their entire lifestyle is at stake, the Millville Plains residents suing Shasta County and District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones over the supervisor’s proposed massive gun range project in the middle of their rural residential neighborhood aren’t asking for much.… Continue Reading


Supervisor Jones Hid Attorney General’s Bombshell Letter that Exonerated District Attorney

Friday morning, as District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye pontificated and opined about Shasta County business from outside a Redding coffee shop in front of an audience of nearly 20 supporters and curious citizens, North State social media sites were simultaneously… Continue Reading


After Losing Re-election, Will Shasta County District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones Burn It All Down?

Most candidates coming off an unexpected 20-point shellacking by a political novice in a primary election might pause and reflect on what went wrong; what they might do differently next time. But not Shasta County District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones.… Continue Reading


Supervisor Kelstrom Accused of ‘Threatening, Sexist, Disgusting, Demeaning’ Texts About County Commissioner, Employee

It’s been a week since Susanne Baremore and Benjamin Nowain learned that a whistleblower had come forward with disparagaing texts about them, alledgedly written by District 5 Supervisor Chris Kelstrom. Baremore shared the screengrabs of the texts on social media,… Continue Reading


Kevin Crye Recall and Shasta County District 2 Race Remain Too Close to Call, District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones Loses to Matt Plummer

With an estimated total of 1,208 unprocessed ballots left to be counted, Shasta County District 1 Supervisor Kevin Crye is beating back the effort to recall him by the skin of his teeth, according to the Shasta County Registrar of… Continue Reading