One Homeless Man’s Plea: The Homeless Need Help, Not Hatred

  Like many Redding homeless, George Koen spends a lot of time at the Shasta County Library in Redding which features bathrooms, drinking fountains, computers, comfortable chairs, magazines, and shelter from the elements. It’s kind of his home away from… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Something New to Chew On – Intermittent Fasting

You may recall back when I wrote my first installment of The Weight is Over,  a chronicle of my weight-loss and fitness journey with Matthew Lister at Align Private Training (now Align Redding). At that point – December of 2015,… Continue Reading


Doni’s Old House Remodel – Week 8: Doors, Floors and One Crucial Permit

I’m pretty sure I was architect Tyler Hendrickson’s first client to request he pose with his plans in the City of Redding Permit Center lobby Tuesday. It felt like a day worthy of documenting because we were dropping off Tyler’s… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Losing Weight the Fastest Way Ever

A word of caution: Some readers may find today’s subject matter too heavy in the TMI department, or even offensive. Read at your own risk.  In all my years of battling my weight, I’ve often entertained two primary fantasies, I… Continue Reading