One Homeless Man’s Plea: The Homeless Need Help, Not Hatred

  Like many Redding homeless, George Koen spends a lot of time at the Shasta County Library in Redding which features bathrooms, drinking fountains, computers, comfortable chairs, magazines, and shelter from the elements. It’s kind of his home away from… Continue Reading


Redding: Your Frog is Cooked

If I had a dollar for every word A News Cafe.com has published about the homeless, transients, street people, and homeless encampment clean-ups, I’d be an extremely wealthy, retired woman living in my Waikiki beach house, sipping sidecars and writing… Continue Reading


Letter to the Editor: ‘What happened to Redding?’

One Saturday last month my wife and I took my 2-year-old son down to the Grasshoppers baseball, a toddler baseball program that runs for a month.  It was located down by the city hall and library.  It was a beautiful… Continue Reading


A distressing view from a downtown window: Drugs, booze, fights and filth

I saw my first illegal drug sale last week. In broad daylight. It took place on a downtown Redding bench outside the Yuba Street side of the historic Lorenz building. Continue Reading