Fruit and Vegetable Advocates Are Not Nuts

It’s great to know that people and organizations that are leading the way locally are, in fact, leading the way for the state as well.
During the recent CalFresh Forum in Sacramento, sponsored by California Food Policy Advocates and the California Department of Social Services, … Continue Reading


Lassen Openings and Whiskeytown Closures

I’m clearing out my inbox while waiting for the next World Cup game to begin. For me, soccer is akin to speed skating, gymnastics and diving. They’re all sports to which I pay very close attention for a short period… Continue Reading


Local Food Movement Inches Into Redding’s Mainstream

Two Redding restaurants have started offering a “farmers’ market menu” based on ingredients they acquire at local farmers’ markets. The commitment by Leatherby’s Family Creamery and Angelo’s Pizza Parlor strike me as an important step forward for Redding’s local food… Continue Reading