Redding Pastor Experiences Egyptian Revolution Firsthand

From her bed on the 11th floor of an apartment building in Cairo, Egypt, not far from Tahrir Square, Redding’s Ann Muir listened to the sounds of gunfire and explosions below. It was a late January evening in this city… Continue Reading


Lean Fire Department Leaves Thin Margin for Error

In the firefighting profession, time is everything.

The loss of a minute on a call could mean the difference between a home being damaged or completely destroyed. Time can translate to a person being rescued or mortally trapped.

So when Redding Fire Chief Kevin Kreitman points to a map … Continue Reading


Redding Man Hopes Kenyan Water Project Will Replicate

We often hear stories about hunger and health problems occurring in Africa. Not often enough do we read about what’s being done to improve the situation. If conditions are going to improve on the continent, they’ll likely start to happen… Continue Reading