Baby Back Ribs Already Cooked – Now for a Healthy Dessert

Even as someone who loves to cook, it’s a rare Thursday when I don’t buy either the already cooked baby back ribs ($10 a rack) or whole, roasted rosemary and garlic chicken ($5 each) at Tops Market (formerly Sunset Marketplace)… Continue Reading


Chicken Marbella, Not Chicken Marsala

I’m honored to be hosting a friend’s upcoming, significant birthday party. It’s a good thing I love a culinary challenge, because the party girl requests we work the menu around some guests’ dietary restrictions. Our goal:  Prepare delicious appetizers and… Continue Reading


Hollandaise & Asparagus, Together Forever

When I was a kid, my exposure to vegetables mainly consisted of stuff from a can. Now, the I consider the concept of mushy asparagus in a can a first-degree culinary crime. I was about 15 before I tasted fresh… Continue Reading


Two Decadent Recipes Feature Organic Products … (Unrelated to ‘Chopped’)

My original headline was, “My Fantasy: Chopped!” But, as the headline suggests, it would be a highly unrealistic dream for me to be a contestant on “Chopped“, the Food Network program over which I’m pretty much obsessed. Even so, I’m… Continue Reading


One Week Until Thanksgiving: We’re on a Roll

After joining my sister to help out at Living Hope Compassion Ministries Thanksgiving dinner Saturday, I feel as if I’ve already had Thanksgiving. More than 500 people came to eat the free meal prepared by Living Hope folks, with more than… Continue Reading


Noni Doni Day Requires the Very Best Food

Wednesdays are my Noni Doni days with 2-year-old Austin. (I have his sister, 6-month-old Reagan, every other Thursday.) There’s no shortage of things to do. Austin might play outside in his little sandbox or ride his Strider bike or his… Continue Reading


Make Room in Freezer for Tops’ Truckload Meat Sale, Then Bake Some Shortbread

The truckload meat sale is by far the  main event this week at Tops Market in Redding and Weaverville.  This week-long special is enough to entice me to clear out my chest freezer and stock up for fall cooking. But… Continue Reading