Chicken Marbella, Not Chicken Marsala

I’m honored to be hosting a friend’s upcoming, significant birthday party. It’s a good thing I love a culinary challenge, because the party girl requests we work the menu around some guests’ dietary restrictions. Our goal:  Prepare delicious appetizers and… Continue Reading


Hollandaise & Asparagus, Together Forever

When I was a kid, my exposure to vegetables mainly consisted of stuff from a can. Now, the I consider the concept of mushy asparagus in a can a first-degree culinary crime. I was about 15 before I tasted fresh… Continue Reading


Super Bowl Sunday is a Super Food Day, Especially for Ribs and Avocados

I almost forgot that Sunday is Super Bowl. Don’t ask me who’s playing. And although I know nothing about football, I do know that food plays a big part in Super Bowl Sunday, especially at Super Bowl parties. I was… Continue Reading