Baby Back Ribs Already Cooked – Now for a Healthy Dessert

Even as someone who loves to cook, it’s a rare Thursday when I don’t buy either the already cooked baby back ribs ($10 a rack) or whole, roasted rosemary and garlic chicken ($5 each) at Tops Market (formerly Sunset Marketplace)… Continue Reading


Top o’ The Tops For St. Patrick’s Day (Read to the Bottom for Ticket Give-Away)

When I think of St. Patrick’s Day, two memories come to mind. First is when friend Jim put green food coloring in his kids’ milk to celebrate the day while their mom was away at school and Jim was in… Continue Reading


Pizza + Arugula, Pear & Kiwi Salad = Florence

I am not one of those people who’ll name-drop countries I’ve traveled, any more than I feel it’s good manners to speak openly about a party I attended, lest others weren’t there. Likewise, with travel, I’m keenly aware of what… Continue Reading

Foodies’ Valentine’s Day Countdown

Married or single, when I think of Valentine’s Day, my mind still goes to romantic dinners. As you may recall, last week I said you had plenty of time for Valentine’s Day food preparation. I shared a fondue recipe from… Continue Reading


Two Decadent Recipes Feature Organic Products … (Unrelated to ‘Chopped’)

My original headline was, “My Fantasy: Chopped!” But, as the headline suggests, it would be a highly unrealistic dream for me to be a contestant on “Chopped“, the Food Network program over which I’m pretty much obsessed. Even so, I’m… Continue Reading


Make Room in Freezer for Tops’ Truckload Meat Sale, Then Bake Some Shortbread

The truckload meat sale is by far the  main event this week at Tops Market in Redding and Weaverville.  This week-long special is enough to entice me to clear out my chest freezer and stock up for fall cooking. But… Continue Reading