Dig This: Food Choice in the Age of Synthetics

It has been my observation that most people usually make good choices when they have enough real information. But real information is sometimes elusive.  Like real food. Too often these days the ability to make good decisions is jeopardized by our reliance upon the… Continue Reading

Community Teaching Garden “Getting Started in Your Organic Garden”

For novice to seasoned gardeners seeking to improve productivity, this workshop will help you with planning and developing an organic garden, including information on acquiring good seed, preparing your soil for planting, developing an efficient watering system, and avoiding common… Continue Reading


The Garden of Learning: The Shasta College Community Teaching Garden, Redding

I was lucky in having been born the daughter of a dedicated gardener mother (aided always by my father) and the grand daughter of two avid gardening grandfathers. Growing up at 8,000 feet on the front range of Colorado’s Rocky… Continue Reading


Dig This: A Unique Garden in our Midst

The folks at the Community Teaching Garden have done it. They transformed the training ground for heavy equipment operators at Shasta College into a beautifully productive garden within two years. From hard packed clay into dark organic soil, it took… Continue Reading


Dig This: Why See a Therapist When You Could Be Gardening?

My grandmother was an example of what our Lakota relatives mean when they say that an elder is more than just an old person.  Her wisdom was the product of a life lived deeply, rather than merely lived a long… Continue Reading


Dig This: Seed Saving is Smart

When I was seven, I saved my first tomato seed.  It was a big deal for me — the beginning of my “formal” gardening education. While savoring a perfectly ripe tomato I had pilfered from the vine, I developed the… Continue Reading