The Garden of Learning: The Shasta College Community Teaching Garden, Redding

I was lucky in having been born the daughter of a dedicated gardener mother (aided always by my father) and the grand daughter of two avid gardening grandfathers. Growing up at 8,000 feet on the front range of Colorado’s Rocky… Continue Reading


Dig This: A Unique Garden in our Midst

The folks at the Community Teaching Garden have done it. They transformed the training ground for heavy equipment operators at Shasta College into a beautifully productive garden within two years. From hard packed clay into dark organic soil, it took… Continue Reading

Sustainability Conference Sustains Interest

Shasta College’s third annual Sustainability Conference is scheduled for this Friday, April 22. The free event features speakers from the college and the community addressing a wide variety of subjects related to the environment – from geoengineering and climate change… Continue Reading