Dig This: Food Choice in the Age of Synthetics

It has been my observation that most people usually make good choices when they have enough real information. But real information is sometimes elusive.  Like real food. Too often these days the ability to make good decisions is jeopardized by our reliance upon the “information” provided by vested interests who stand to profit from our choices. Bad information can even make you sick… or kill you.

Case in point: Genetically modified food products, popularly called “frankenfoods” by those who know the truth, which resembles not at all what Monsanto tells you on its websites.

The next time the vote comes around in California on whether we need a GMO food labeling law, it’s likely to pass.  That’s why Monsanto has been positioning themselves with legislative protection to subvert the potential for labeling laws (see:  Monsanto Protection Act).

Labeling will probably pass in another state first, largely due to the efforts of California activists in getting good information in the hands of voters and widening the discussion last year, even though Prop 37 fell short of passage, but not by much.  And regardless of whether the Congress passes legislation to block state labeling efforts, the facts are getting out.  Like an avalanche that can’t be stopped, more and more people are beginning to see that GMOs are bad news.

But you won’t get the facts from Monsanto. What we get is television sound bites and glossy websites based in deception, bad science and downright nonsense meant to mislead you into thinking that there is no fox in the hen house despite the sound of squawking birds.  They will even tell you that there is nothing to fear from foxes in any case, because the fox’s goal in life is to protect chickens from predators.   But armed with the facts, you would know better.

I am certain that if people really had the facts on GMOs, they would not eat them.  Rational, sane people that is.  There would be no need for a labeling law if people knew the truth about the infant science of genetic engineering and voted against it with their money. The big food corporations will pay attention to loss of market share like nothing else.

Apparently, Monsanto is really afraid of a labeling law.  It will hurt them in a big way, which, in my view, would be a public service.  There is not sufficient space in this entire publication to adequately address the myriad reasons why this corporation is a pariah. Evil might even be an appropriate descriptor, given their track record. Labeling GMO foods would be like putting a skull and cross bones on GMO products, as one Monsanto executive has publically observed.  And if you know the truth about GMOs you would see how appropriate that would be.  Stores would stock it by the rat poison.

But with or without proper labeling, we don’t have to operate in the dark.  It is not that difficult to avoid GMOs with some good information, and there is lots of it out there.

As you look for the facts, what you will find is an incredible tale of political deception and bad science that would cause anyone who understands scientific principles at all to cringe and laugh out loud at the same time.  The lack of FDA oversight, ignoring even the recommendations of its own scientists, in pushing GMO products into the market place is appalling beyond words. You think the government is protecting you?  The real job of government in the 21st century is to protect big business.

Too many of us believe what we see in television ads and entertainment posing as “news.” Get the facts yourself.  And be cautious of the opinions of those who have vested interest (hint: people in the industry) or just believe what they are told without really checking anything out for themselves.  This is an issue that you can’t afford to do that with.   It is your health and food safety we are talking about here.  The health of your children!  If you knew the facts, I am fairly certain you will be horrified that you might be eating this stuff and you would avoid it like the birds do.

I strongly urge you to do yourself a favor and watch the documentary Genetic Roulette. You can order it from Amazon.   And the website for the Institute for Responsible Technology will also bring you up to speed:   http://www.responsibletechnology.org/.   There you will find comprehensive facts on GMO research as well as what foods and producers use GMOs and which do not.  You owe it to yourself and your family to know the truth!

Your health is your responsibility.  Don’t entrust it to Monsanto.

jim-collinsDr. Jim Redtail Collins is an ecopsychologist, energy healer, ceremonialist and elder of both Lakota and Laika medicine lineages.

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