Garden Yoga and Meditation at the Shasta College Community Teaching Garden

Please join us for a silent meditation in the Zen style of stillness followed by Hatha Yoga—slow, invigorating, flowing vinyasa practice. This is a practice that will develop your awareness “in the living moment” to promote a more sane life… Continue Reading

Shasta College Community Teaching Garden Spring/Summer Workshops

To register go to www.shastacollege.edu/EWD   and click on “Pathways” or, call (530) 242-7630 Secrets of Successful Transplanting Sunday, May 6/ 10:00 a.m. to noon Community Teaching Garden, Shasta College Main Campus Learn the secrets of successful transplanting from a… Continue Reading

From Seed to Table – A Seed Starting Workshop

Join Kalan Redwood of Redwood Seeds to learn about starting your spring and summer crops from seed. This workshop covers seeding technique for standard crops such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes and peppers as well as more unusual varieties such as… Continue Reading


From Seed to Table: A Seed Starting Workshop

March 18 Workshop, “From Seed to Table” will be postponed until April 22, 1:00-3:00, at the Teaching Garden (due to a storm advisory for the weekend). For more info call: 530.242.2248. Join Kalan Redwood of Redwood Seeds to learn about… Continue Reading

Community Teaching Garden “Getting Started in Your Organic Garden”

For novice to seasoned gardeners seeking to improve productivity, this workshop will help you with planning and developing an organic garden, including information on acquiring good seed, preparing your soil for planting, developing an efficient watering system, and avoiding common… Continue Reading


The Garden of Learning: The Shasta College Community Teaching Garden, Redding

I was lucky in having been born the daughter of a dedicated gardener mother (aided always by my father) and the grand daughter of two avid gardening grandfathers. Growing up at 8,000 feet on the front range of Colorado’s Rocky… Continue Reading


Dig This: A Unique Garden in our Midst

The folks at the Community Teaching Garden have done it. They transformed the training ground for heavy equipment operators at Shasta College into a beautifully productive garden within two years. From hard packed clay into dark organic soil, it took… Continue Reading


Summer: The Best Time Of Year

With temperatures expected to hit the 90s this coming weekend, it’s finally starting to feel like summer. Bring it on! If you’ve lived in the Redding or Red Bluff areas for any length of time, then you’ve heard the same… Continue Reading