Teach a Person to Save Seed: Feed them For Life

For some reason it seems particularly appropriate to me to be talking about seed saving and cultivating community as an idea as well as an entity on the weekend of the Winter Solstice. The winter solstice marks the return of… Continue Reading


The Roots of Tomorrow from the Best Seeds of Today

On Tuesday April 23rd, 2013 I hosted a one-hour, live special edition of In a North State Garden to accompany Northstate Public Radio’s spring membership drive theme: “The Roots of Tomorrow”. My program focused on how “The Best Roots of… Continue Reading

Seeds of things to Come: 4th Annual Seed Swap co-hosted by GRUB Education Program & Chico Permaculture Guild

On Saturday February 23rd from 2 pm – 6pm at the GRUB cooperative at 1525 Dayton Road in Chico, the GRUB Education Program and Chico Permaculture Guild host their 4th Annual Spring Seed Swap. On Wednesday February 13th from 3pm… Continue Reading

Saving Seeds Seasonally – an Interview with Kalan Redwood

My entire winter and early spring garden has gone to seed. The whole lot: arugula, lamb’s lettuce aka mache, beets, cabbages, bok choy, russian red kale, dinosaur kale, you name it. Well, not the carrots – we ate all of… Continue Reading


Dig This: Seed Saving is Smart

When I was seven, I saved my first tomato seed.  It was a big deal for me — the beginning of my “formal” gardening education. While savoring a perfectly ripe tomato I had pilfered from the vine, I developed the… Continue Reading