Extensive Graffiti Leads to Shuttered Skate Park

Today, Aug. 24 2011, city employees from the City of Shasta Lake Public Works Department arrived at Claire Engle Park to unlock the skateboard park gates for the day’s use. Upon entering, they found considerable vandalism and graffiti. Public Works… Continue Reading


The Masher Ride: Cycling 25 Miles In and Around Redding

Not too long ago I bought this super sweet Masher jersey from Twin Six. Go ahead, take a second to bask in her beauty. I know, it’s awesome. Of course it is, because Twin Six makes their jerseys out of… Continue Reading

Father’s Day is Aviation Day in Redding

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, June 19, which means the annual Aviation Day returns to Benton Airfield in Redding. Aviation Day starts with a hearty breakfast of ham, eggs and pancakes from 7 to 11 a.m., which costs $7… Continue Reading


Local Artistic Team Invites Us to Live ‘Unscripted’

Right out in the open, on the corner of Market and Shasta streets in downtown Redding, is the proclamation: “RDG Has Culture.” The exclamatory spray paint on the Shasta Street side of Boardmart is part of a mural by Sheena and Ben George, the first in a series of public projects by this husband-and-wife artistic team … Continue Reading