Sarah Brady Presents Visual Art from American Folk Songs

Sarah Brady is giving a multimedia presentation Monday as part of the monthly program at the North Valley Carter House Gallery in Redding. More about her inspiration for art from can be found at her blog, kneadandturn.blogspot.com. Sarah is 21… Continue Reading


The Masher Ride: Cycling 25 Miles In and Around Redding

Not too long ago I bought this super sweet Masher jersey from Twin Six. Go ahead, take a second to bask in her beauty. I know, it’s awesome. Of course it is, because Twin Six makes their jerseys out of… Continue Reading


No Butts About Smoke-Free Beaches

It can be smoking hot at the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area beaches during the summertime. But when the next beach season arrives, there may not be any actual smoking. National Park Service officials are considering banning smoking at Whiskeytown’s four… Continue Reading