Extensive Graffiti Leads to Shuttered Skate Park

Today, Aug. 24 2011, city employees from the City of Shasta Lake Public Works Department arrived at Claire Engle Park to unlock the skateboard park gates for the day’s use. Upon entering, they found considerable vandalism and graffiti.

Public Works has invested countless hours repairing vandalized property and painting over gang/local hate group “graffiti.” City of Shasta Lake Sheriff’s Department has spent hundreds of hours and utilized precious resource time taking vandalism calls and responding to assaults or substance abuse reports in the park area.

The city of Shasta Lake Municipal Code permits the closure of the park for exigent circumstances, such as excessive calls for service, violence, vandalism, etc. The park has only been closed two days prior to today, due to vandalism. Enforcement of the municipal code is being imposed in an attempt to encourage responsibility and ownership of the park by the BMX and skater groups. Up until this week, the calls for service had dropped off significantly, other than one incident of graffiti on the park band stage.

As a result of the recent increase in crime, the skate park will be closed until Monday August 28th. Subjects entering the skate park area while it is closed will be subject to citation or arrest.

-from press release

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Insanity Prevails says:

    There has always been good kids and bad kids and there always will be. Sometimes even good kids are bad so what should we do? If we lock the gate will they learn their lesson? No, they will vandalize more or elsewhere. Is there a solution? Yes, education. Remember education? It has been neglected for quite sometime now, Hey! About as long as we have been having alot more of this kind of trouble… Go Figure.

  2. Avatar Justa Thought says:

    If I'm reading this correctly, the park was vandalized while it was locked up. Vandalism was discovered when city workers came to unlock the gates. Sooooo, the people penalized for the wrong doing are the folks who use the park legitimately. Although I understand the city's position, I find the logic a bit puzzling.

    • Avatar Polly Baker says:

      The logic may not be sound, but these types of things don't tend to be as much of a problem at horseshoe pits and tennis courts.

  3. I agree, Justa Thought, though if the park was closed to allow for the clean-up of the graffiti it might make sense. The article makes it clear that the skatepark is being secured to prevent the very people that they're trying to instill a sense of ownership from getting on the property.

    A much better approach would be to work with the most responsible skatepark patrons and have them—and whomever they can recruit—to help clean up the graffiti. Yes, they weren't responsible for it but they can help offset the expense through their volunteerism.

  4. Avatar pmarshall says:

    If the culprits are ever found, they should clean up the mess –or their parents should clean up the mess. Obviously the parents have not taught them right from wrong. Oh, I know this sounds sooo mean.

  5. This is an easy fix, install tripwire systems cameras to cover the night time closure, anyone entering gets a photo taken and an alert with photos is immediately sent by the unit to 1 or multiple cell phones as well as other email accounts. Keep the system in place and your area will be free of crime and vandalism in no time.

  6. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    Great idea Peter. If the the skaters help with this project, they take ownership in the upkeep and will take responsibility for regulating a sane use of this facility. It's amazing how strong peer regulation is.

  7. Avatar Tom says:


    'nuff said… this is the wrong approach. The park was vandalized while gated and locked so they gate and lock it to punish the kids? Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy to me…