Extensive Graffiti Leads to Shuttered Skate Park

Today, Aug. 24 2011, city employees from the City of Shasta Lake Public Works Department arrived at Claire Engle Park to unlock the skateboard park gates for the day’s use. Upon entering, they found considerable vandalism and graffiti. Public Works… Continue Reading


Chat With the Chief, Part 2: Marijuana and More

Last week I sat down with Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen to discuss the June flare-up in gang-related crimes. In last Tuesday’s Part 1, Hansen discussed gangs and the history of gangs in Redding. The interview stretched into many other… Continue Reading


Chat with the Chief, Part 1: Gangs in Redding

Gang problems in cities are a lot like nasty, invasive plants. If you allow them to spread and grow roots, they can be extremely hard to remove. In this respect, Redding has a huge advantage. Gangs haven’t been able to sink… Continue Reading