Shasta Dam Raise Blues

Until recently, the floodgates appeared wide-open on the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s effort to raise the height of Shasta Dam by 18 ½ feet. Since Congress allocated $20 million in pre-construction funding for the project last spring, planning efforts have… Continue Reading


California Flood Watch 2017: View From The High Ground

Water, water, everywhere. I’ve lived in California since 1978 and I’ve never seen the north state so saturated with rain and runoff. The floods of 1997 have already been surpassed, at least in my mind, and the bad news is… Continue Reading


River’s Rare Waves Attract White Water Kayakers, Surfers

Surf’s up, in the middle of Redding. The Bureau of Reclamation has released 36,000 cubic feet per second of water from Shasta Dam. One result is that the water flowing over the Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District (ACID) dam in Caldwell Park… Continue Reading

Search and Rescue Locates Stranded Motorists

On Wednesday February 4th 2015, at 1734 hours Mitchell Jiovaniello called the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office to report he and his friend Cody Knox, were stranded on the number 4 road in the OHV Park west of Shasta Dam. Jiovaniello… Continue Reading


Raising Shasta Dam Raises Concerns at Redding City Council Meeting

Given Redding’s strong emotional, financial, geographical and recreational ties to Shasta Dam, any talk of raising the dam by 181/2 feet is certain to raise eyebrows, if not outright concerns. Those concerns and questions were plentiful Tuesday night when the… Continue Reading


Shasta County Board of Supervisors: Delta, Doubt and Dam Water

The Board of Supervisors had an important agenda on this day, largely focused on water. They approved a letter to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board.  In a previous meeting, it was disclosed that the Water Quality Control Board… Continue Reading