‘Pilgrims and Tourists’: Local Connection to Worldwide Film

The climactic scene of the first film in Toby McLeod and Jessica Abbe’s “Standing on Sacred Ground” film series—”Pilgrims and Tourists”—is of the Winnemem Wintu coming of age ceremony on the McCloud River. “We’ve filmed three of these puberty ceremonies… Continue Reading


In the Artist’s Studio – Ron Black: ‘Secret Formula’ & Recycled Materials Attract Loyal Customers

When I visited artist Ron Black at his Oak Run studio, it felt like Willie Wonka was leading me through the Chocolate Factory. Ron, better described as an eccentric contractor than deranged candy maker, has worked on projects as diverse as… Continue Reading


In the Artist’s Studio – Connie Murray’s Wonderland

“I would not have made it without art,” said Connie Murray, about a recent  tumultuous period in her life. During the same time period, Murray said she was simultaneously fired after a 10-year career as the Clinical Program Manager for… Continue Reading