Behold: ‘Menu Mecca’ – Found Exclusively on A News Cafe

Doni: Hey, everyone, today I talk with Canda Williams, A News Cafe’s sales representative, and my son Joe Domke, the site’s webtender, who works his magic from the Czech Republic. We want to prepare you for tomorrow, a special day,… Continue Reading


Eddy’s: A Throwback to Fine Food, Not Pubs of the Past

From 1982 to 1999, the building at 2151 Market Street in downtown Redding was home to some recognizable names in the local restaurant scene: River City Bar and Grill, Tubby and Ann’s, and Kellie J’s. When Tom VonderHaar opened Eddy’s… Continue Reading


The Only Way to Experience Portland: Bite by Bite

If we had been in Redding, in August, I could never have convinced my partner, Troy, to walk anywhere. Let alone walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood, to a loosely recommended restaurant, an unknown distance away.

But it was 70 degrees when we arrived in Portland after a long, hot drive from Boise, and he got caught up in my enthusiasm for exploring a corner of … Continue Reading