Whitmore Elementary Gets Wired: California, Telecomm, Ratepayers Close Digital Divide

The fourth graders at Whitmore Union Elementary School are learning to code. Let that sink in. As adults, one of these rural eastern Shasta County kids might someday design the robot army that destroys humanity. Become the next hedge fund… Continue Reading


Indian Country Gets Wired: Karuk Tribe Brings Broadband to the Boondocks

Judging from reader response to the first installment of this series on bringing broadband Internet to rural northern California, there are a lot of folks out there not getting the Internet they need, let alone want. There are many interconnected reasons for… Continue Reading


Digital Divide Shrinks, Political Divide Doesn’t

If you are reading this, you have access to the Internet. That places you among the large majority of Californians who go online regularly through a home, work or school computer, their cell phone or with a library computer. Most… Continue Reading