Environmental Group Poses Questions to Redding City Council Candidates – Part 5: Adam McElvain

Editor’s Note: The following questions were submitted by the Shasta Environmental Alliance (SEA) to all November 2020 Redding City Council candidates. The responses are being published in the order in which they were received. Redding City Council candidate is the… Continue Reading


City’s Rate Increase: A Slap in Voters’ Faces

(Editor’s note: Redding City Councilman Michael Dacquisto published the following post on his Facebook page in response to a vote taken by himself and fellow council members Tuesday night. Dacquisto gave aNewsCafe.com permission to republish his FB post here today.) … Continue Reading


Public High-Speed Internet in Downtown and Solar Power Highlight Adam McElvain’s Council Campaign

A municipal Internet service, a beefed-up police force and an emphasis on solar energy will be the focus of Adam McElvain’s campaign for the Redding City Council, he said Tuesday at a rally in downtown Redding. McElvain, 36, envisions an… Continue Reading

Adam McElvain To Announce His Redding City Council Campaign Platform

  Adam McElvain will hold a “Downtown Rally” on Tuesday, January 19th at noon to make his campaign platform public. Everyone is invited to attend and light lunch will be provided to attendees. The brief event will start shortly after… Continue Reading


Under 40, But Unseen: Young Leaders Get the Spotlight

In the Redding area, where many feel that the contributions of the under-age-40 population go unrecognized, recipients of the first round of “20 Under 40” awards have been applauded enthusiastically. When the Record Searchlight lined up the event, nominations were cast for… Continue Reading