Take Dad ‘Outta Town’ for Music, Merriment and Mud Bugs

The tiny river town of Isleton was home to the state’s largest crawdad festival until last year, when it outgrew its original riverfront home and migrated to the North State. Now, North State residents can feast on crawdads, crayfish, mud… Continue Reading

‘Get Outta Town’ to Ride the Rails

Rewind to Dunsmuir in the early 1920s. Population: 3,100. Over 1,000 were employed by the railroad. Dunsmuir dates its railroad history even further, to the late 1880s, when the Central Pacific Railroad (later, Union Pacific) built a roundhouse, turntable, depot,… Continue Reading


‘Get Outta Town’ for a Real Old Fashioned Street Faire

It’s such a cliché, but I’ll say it anyway: There really is “something for everyone” at the Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire. The Faire is a North State staple and I would be completely negligent if I failed to name it as… Continue Reading

‘Get Outta Town’ and Focus on Fungi

I know I’ll regret wishing for summer, but enough is enough with the rain already. This weekend is supposed to be sunny, so it’s the perfect time to “Get Outta Town.” This week’s “Get Outta Town” feature combines some of… Continue Reading


‘Get Outta Town’ to Kick Up Your Heels, Loosen Your Belt

Foodies and music lovers, unite! This weekend, experience an event that satisfies your cravings for good food and blue grass. Head out, enjoy the sun and “Get Outta Town” for the Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch Blue Grass Festival and Dutch… Continue Reading

‘Get Outta Town’ and Show the River Some Love

Every day as I’m going about my business, I cross from the east to the west side of Redding. I pass over the Sacramento River, one of our most valuable natural resources, without a thought. But the river and its… Continue Reading


Local Artistic Team Invites Us to Live ‘Unscripted’

Right out in the open, on the corner of Market and Shasta streets in downtown Redding, is the proclamation: “RDG Has Culture.” The exclamatory spray paint on the Shasta Street side of Boardmart is part of a mural by Sheena and Ben George, the first in a series of public projects by this husband-and-wife artistic team … Continue Reading


April’s Elves Busy Learning the Art of Living

It feels like Christmas in April at the Artistic Endeavors art studio. Like Santa’s elves, artists are working feverishly on paintings, charcoal drawings, clay pieces, birdhouses and hand-sewn aprons in preparation for the “Creations of Love” Arts and Crafts Fair… Continue Reading