In the Trinity Alps, Climbing Granite Peak

It is the end of July, 2011, and for some reason I have decided to hike to the top of Granite Peak. Early-onset dementia, perhaps. Granite Peak is in the southeast corner of the Trinity Alps. It is 8,091 feet… Continue Reading


In the Trinity Alps, Hiking Stoney Ridge in the Snow

People keep saying it is going to be late in the season before hikers can get into the high country this year. Too much snow. Not being the type to take other folks’ speculations as truth, I decided to see… Continue Reading


‘Get Outta Town’ for a Real Old Fashioned Street Faire

It’s such a cliché, but I’ll say it anyway: There really is “something for everyone” at the Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire. The Faire is a North State staple and I would be completely negligent if I failed to name it as… Continue Reading


A Grand Week in the Russian Wilderness

I plunged under the surface of Paynes Lake in the Russian Wilderness and wondered for a few moments if I could continue swimming in the frigid water. It wasn’t that bad, I told myself, and as long as I kept my limbs moving, I could adjust. Continue Reading