Menu Please: El Delicioso Burrito: Don’t Fear Gas Station Cuisine

Jane and Michael Stern, those chroniclers of true American food, wrote in their 1986 travelogue-cum-cookbook “Real American Food” of the Southern phenomena of combining food and unrelated commerce: “Drive along a country road in the Mississippi Delta and you will… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Carnegie’s – The Devil is in the Details

Andrew Carnegie was a Scot who emigrated to America and made an enormous fortune in steel. In 1889 he wrote an article titled Wealth, promoting his view that with great wealth came great responsibility. When he turned 65 in 1900, he began… Continue Reading


Marcella Wagner Medical & Recovery Fundraiser

Join us for appetizers, beer, wine, door prizes, raffles and much more – all proceeds will help Marcella Wagner and her husband David Campbell cover medical costs. Marcella is a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister…and friend to many. She was… Continue Reading

Featured ArtHop Artist: Musician Kyra Goldman

June’s 2nd Saturday ArtHop is a city-wide “Celebration of Music,” featuring artists and musicians together at eight ArtHop venues. This month, we’re naturally featuring a musician — solo artist Kyra Goldman, performing live at Carnegies. Kyra is joined by artist Sonya… Continue Reading


May ArtHop’s Featured Artist, Gini Holmes

Gini Holmes is a traditionally trained print maker (lithography) who has turned to more experimental means by which to create her images. Born in Long Beach, CA, Gini received her BFA from Stanford University in lithography and painting, studying under Nathan… Continue Reading


Gears, Pipe, Space Debris: Kim Piazza’s Garbage Art

The most important thing to know about artist Kim Piazza is that she is serious as all-get-out about garbage. Tires, aluminum, pipes, any kind of waste that is a byproduct of the human impact on the planet, can creep its… Continue Reading