Around the World with Dejon Weldon

Dejon Weldon grew up in Northern California, and has always had an affinity for the arts. From creating her own picture books as a preschooler to now entering juried art competitions, she believes art will always be a part of her life.


One of the most influential events in Dejon’s life was moving with her husband overseas to Vicenza, Italy in 2004. Like many before her, she was inspired by all the culture that surrounded her. During the three years Dejon spent in Europe, she continued her education and fueled her passion for art by studying art history. Photography became Dejon’s primary outlet during her time in Europe, but she continued to work in multiple mediums – as she has all her life. Just as Dejon explores many mediums in her art, she intends to keep exploring the world by traveling whenever possible.


Dejon’s art is motivated by: the people she meets, places she has experienced, imagination, and her undeniable urge to create. She feels working in multiple mediums allows creativity to flow wherever it needs, whenever it wants.


Now back in Redding, California, Dejon is currently painting in reverse with acrylics on plexiglass. The final pieces are created by using bright colors and simple lines. She feels working on plexiglass lends itself to creative freedom and provides infinite design options. Who knows what style or medium will tempt her next?

See Dejon’s work through August at Carnegies, 1600 Oregon Street, Redding. Meet Dejon at a reception for the artist, Sat., Aug. 14, during 2nd Sat ArtHop. For more information about Dejon, visit

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