DIY Nasal Treatment – 1 Redding Doctor Says Yes, Others Say No to Nose Solution

Prior to sinus surgeries, it’s common for surgeons to spray nasal passages with an iodine-based mixture to help prevent post-op infection. Here in Shasta County, Redding physician Dr. George Domb, an ear, nose and throat specialist, believes a similar treatment… Continue Reading


Confusion Abounds: Did Shasta County Jump the Gun, Or is Step-back a Result of the Rodeo?

Did you enjoy a dine-in experience inside your favorite local restaurant over Mother’s Day weekend? Did you walk into a previously closed business and shop directly from a cashier? So happy for you. Unfortunately, much like finding random money in… Continue Reading

Shasta County COVID-19 News Release: Roadmap to Recovery is Shasta County’s plan for the future

The Shasta County Roadmap to Recovery, a path toward re-opening the county, has been completed by Shasta County Health Officer Karen Ramstrom with the guidance of a multifaceted advisory committee. This plan ensures a coordinated approach to safely and gradually… Continue Reading


Hold on. Be patient. A little while longer.

  It was a clear and sunny July day on a Trindad, California, beach during our family’s vacation. We lucked out and had the entire shoreline to ourselves. My son and sister surf-fished for perch that we planned to beer-batter… Continue Reading


1 New Shasta County COVID-19 Case Brings Total to 21: Some Cases Traced to Local Church

Total Confirmed Cases: 21 (1 today) Travel Related: 4 Person to Person *: 0 Community Acquired **: 2 ** Not travel related or contact to known case * Contact to a known case Isolation: 16 Quarantine: 71 Recovered: 2 Deaths:… Continue Reading


Masks Save Lives. Too Bad There Aren’t More of Them.

The novel coronavirus pandemic in the United States will be remembered in part as an era of shortages. A shortage of ventilators to treat patients in severe respiratory distress. A lack of testing that permitted COVID-19 to spread unchecked across… Continue Reading