Health Officer Dr. Karen Ramstrom Deserves Praise, Not a Pink Slip

The baseless recall of District 2 Supervisor Leonard Moty last month triggered a diabolical domino effect in which other respected county leaders are also in danger of being removed from office by a group of ultra-conservative extremists whose goal is… Continue Reading


DIY Nasal Treatment – 1 Redding Doctor Says Yes, Others Say No to Nose Solution

Prior to sinus surgeries, it’s common for surgeons to spray nasal passages with an iodine-based mixture to help prevent post-op infection. Here in Shasta County, Redding physician Dr. George Domb, an ear, nose and throat specialist, believes a similar treatment… Continue Reading


Confusion Abounds: Did Shasta County Jump the Gun, Or is Step-back a Result of the Rodeo?

Did you enjoy a dine-in experience inside your favorite local restaurant over Mother’s Day weekend? Did you walk into a previously closed business and shop directly from a cashier? So happy for you. Unfortunately, much like finding random money in… Continue Reading

Shasta County COVID-19 News Release: Roadmap to Recovery is Shasta County’s plan for the future

The Shasta County Roadmap to Recovery, a path toward re-opening the county, has been completed by Shasta County Health Officer Karen Ramstrom with the guidance of a multifaceted advisory committee. This plan ensures a coordinated approach to safely and gradually… Continue Reading


Hold on. Be patient. A little while longer.

  It was a clear and sunny July day on a Trindad, California, beach during our family’s vacation. We lucked out and had the entire shoreline to ourselves. My son and sister surf-fished for perch that we planned to beer-batter… Continue Reading


1 New Shasta County COVID-19 Case Brings Total to 21: Some Cases Traced to Local Church

Total Confirmed Cases: 21 (1 today) Travel Related: 4 Person to Person *: 0 Community Acquired **: 2 ** Not travel related or contact to known case * Contact to a known case Isolation: 16 Quarantine: 71 Recovered: 2 Deaths:… Continue Reading


Masks Save Lives. Too Bad There Aren’t More of Them.

The novel coronavirus pandemic in the United States will be remembered in part as an era of shortages. A shortage of ventilators to treat patients in severe respiratory distress. A lack of testing that permitted COVID-19 to spread unchecked across… Continue Reading


Shasta County Public Health’s COVID-19 Tests Are Dwindling: Now What?

Shasta County Health and Human Services Public Health Department offers live press briefings that occur 11 a.m Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can be found on their Facebook and YouTube pages. Their COVID-19 specific site, Shasta Ready, addresses the concerns… Continue Reading


Literary Minds Online Book Club Discussion: Two Books Address Suicide

Welcome to our latest session of the Literary Minds Online Book Club, a partnership between A News Cafe.com and the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency, in addition to its many community partners. Last month we introduced you to… Continue Reading