Shasta County COVID-19 News Release: Roadmap to Recovery is Shasta County’s plan for the future

The Shasta County Roadmap to Recovery, a path toward re-opening the county, has been completed by Shasta County Health Officer Karen Ramstrom with the guidance of a multifaceted advisory committee.

This plan ensures a coordinated approach to safely and gradually re-open the county while addressing both the public health and economic emergencies created by COVID-19.

Dr. Ramstrom, the Roadmap to Recovery Advisory Committee and the Shasta County Board of Supervisors understand that it’s important to align with Gov. Gavin Newsom to avoid the repercussions of defying a state order, but to also be as aggressive in doing everything possible to move forward as quickly, yet carefully, as possible. To that end, the Board of Supervisors on Friday afternoon endorsed an attestation of the Health Officer that the county meets the requirements necessary to move fully through Stage 2 of the re-opening plan.

Key items to note:

• We can only open because we are prepared. We may need to roll back if the situation changes, as we still need to protect our vulnerable neighbors.
• Vulnerable individuals aged 65 years and older, or with underlying medical conditions, should remain at home as much as possible.
• People still need to avoid non-essential travel and mass gatherings. Our local businesses are able to safely open – with adaptations – because we have these other protections in place.
• The staged plan is necessary to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19 and relies fully on the engagement and cooperation of individuals and businesses. We must create a safe “new normal” for how businesses function and how social interactions can occur.

“I am grateful to this group of dedicated individuals who thoughtfully gathered input from their sectors and brought them to the table for this collaborative effort,” Ramstrom said. “We are all delighted to begin getting back to normal.”

What businesses can open now?

Workplaces – with adaptations:
• Retail to begin with an option for curbside pick-up, including but not limited to:
Bookstores, jewelry stores, toy stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, home and furnishing stores, sporting goods stores, antique stores, music stores, florists.
o Retail guidance and checklist
o Delivery guidance and checklist

• Supply chains supporting the above businesses, in manufacturing and logistical sectors
o Agriculture and livestock guidance and checklist
o Food packing guidance and checklist
o Manufacturing guidance and checklist

In Shasta County, the regional variance also allows these businesses to open:
• Destination retail, including shopping malls and swap meets
• Personal services, limited to car washes, pet grooming, tanning facilities, and landscape gardening
• Office-based businesses (telework remains strongly encouraged)
• Dine-in restaurants (other facility amenities, like bars or gaming areas, are not permitted)
o Restaurant reopening checklist (fillable)
o *Note – Direction for local restaurants may change if the California Department of Public Health modifies their guidance.
• Outdoor museums and open gallery spaces

Other sectors, with adaptations
• Outdoor recreation: Public spaces such as parks, trails, and golf courses should limit crowds and ensure physical distancing. Use of boats should be limited to household contacts or half occupancy.
Guidance on outdoor recreation
• Schools and childcare: with adaptations to ensure students and staff are protected. Precautions should be provided to families with vulnerable groups that live in the same household.
• Childcare and summer programs: children should receive care in groups of 12 or fewer. If multiple groups of children are within the same facility, keep the same childcare worker with the same children in order to minimize risk.
• School: preparations for Shasta County schools which are scheduled to resume the week of August 10, 2020.
• Faith community: continue remote offerings and drive-in services.
• Healthcare services: may continue to gradually resume based on guidance outlined in Stage 1 above. Includes routine medical care, dental care and optometry.
Guidance for resuming deferred and preventive health care
Guidance for resuming deferred and preventive dental care

What businesses can NOT open now?

These businesses are not in Stage 1 or 2 and are considered Higher-Risk Workplaces:
• Personal services* such as nail salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and fitness studios
• Hospitality services, such as bars and lounges
• Entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, gaming facilities, and pro sports
• Indoor museums, kids museums and gallery spaces, zoos, and libraries
• Community centers, including public pools, playgrounds, and picnic areas
• Religious services and cultural ceremonies
• Nightclubs
• Concert venues
• Festivals
• Theme parks
• Hotels/lodging for leisure and tourism: Guidance for hotels/lodging
• Source: State of California, Roadmap to Recovery

*Note: Hair salons may be able to open later in Stage 2.

— Press release source: Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency

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