Menu Please: House of Prime Rib – Prime Rib For a Price

That Peck’s Bad Boy of the Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain, recently commented in the New York Times that San Francisco is “a two-fisted drinking town, a carnivorous meat-eating town, it’s dirty and nasty and wonderful…” and Femme de Joie would… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Kanya Garden Blooms on South Market Street

Back in the 1960s and ’70s, an unimpressive cinder block building on South Market Street was a liquor store. Later on it became, variously, Asian markets, Chef Paul Trout’s Experience, and now Kanya Garden. Located virtually across the street from… Continue Reading


Tips for Dining Out Well – For Less

Even if a restaurant claims “you’re family,” you’re a customer, and they are in business to make a profit. Restaurants are good at separating you from your money: it’s their raison de etre. A severe case of sticker shock upon… Continue Reading


Menu Please: New York Style Pizza (& More) at Redding’s Fasolini’s

Femme de Joie came late to the less-is-more approach to pizza. For years she enjoyed goopy pile-it-all-on combinations with pounds of cheese, layers of salty meats, a token mushroom to make it healthy, and thick bready crust. Heart attack on… Continue Reading


Menu Please: A Tale of 2 BBQs

On a hot July day Femme de Joie and Amice del Signore took Highway 99 toward Chico, blithely ignoring the “expect 20 minute delays” signs. After what seemed like two weeks in a hot oven, they popped up in Los… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Nipa’s Is a Taste of Thai in Redding

Long-time Reddingites will remember Shakey’s Pizza used to occupy the space on Churn Creek Road where Nipa’s is now. (By the way, Shakey’s is still in business. Just not here.) After it closed, a string of faux pubs and eateries… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Redding’s Tokyo Garden Japanese Restaurant

Of necessity, sushi restaurants are usually quite small, little more than a mini-van’s worth of seats. It takes time to turn out sushi and it does not lend itself to sitting around like McWhoppers, so the number of diners allowed… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Redding’s Taco Barn Serves a Tasty Bargain

Remember 10 or so years ago when a Sacramento-based taco shop blew into Redding? The one with the slogan, “Sometimes you just gotta have a real taco”? Well, Femme de Joie remembers; she remembers going into the one on Hartnell… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Old Millhouse – A Short Drive to a Lovely Locale

Femme de Joie isn’t sure if the Redding Old Millhouse Deli was ever really an Old Mill. She does recall in the late 1970s when she’d drive by on her way to Brandy Creek, Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra playing… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

America is connected by coffee shops. Yeah, you get to them via freeways and highways, but that’s just a means to an end. They’re everywhere and we use them as markers – “Can you hold it until we get to… Continue Reading