Menuplease: Savory Spoon – the Price of Nonprofit

The phrase “tote-bag hell” was first coined during the 1970s for those interminable weeks when public television programming was interrupted every six minutes to beg the viewers to pledge money. In exchange, the pledger received a “token of appreciation” –… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Nipa’s Is a Taste of Thai in Redding

Long-time Reddingites will remember Shakey’s Pizza used to occupy the space on Churn Creek Road where Nipa’s is now. (By the way, Shakey’s is still in business. Just not here.) After it closed, a string of faux pubs and eateries… Continue Reading


Redding Police Make Another Arrest in Vagabond Robbery

On July 22, 2011, Investigators with the Redding Police Department arrested Brandon James Vaira, 27 years of Redding, Ca. in connection with the armed robbery that occurred at 536 E. Cypress Ave. (Vagabond Inn) on July 1, 2011. After the… Continue Reading

Water Mains Flushing in Enterprise, Cascade Areas

This week’s flushings will be done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to remove sediment, which builds up in the water mains. The flushing process helps reduce problems we may experience with taste, odor, and discoloration of the water. Customers in the areas to be flushed are advised they should curtail water usage during our flushing operations, as the water may be discolored for a short period … Continue Reading