The Weight is Over: Part 7 – Learning the Hard Way

Last week was a joyous one. I reported that I was down 7 pounds and 8.75 inches. I’ve been on this program almost five weeks. It feels a lifetime. Maybe because it’s been such a life-changer. I don’t know if… Continue Reading


No Longer in Doubt: Battle Nearly Won Against Trail’s Invasive Plants

During 45 days of May and June 1864, the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia lost as many soldiers as the previous three years of Civil War. However, after that time, the outcome of the conflict… Continue Reading


Randy Smith’s Community Cleanup Wrap-up: The Most Successful Year Yet

Today we speak with Randy Smith, a co-coordinator of Redding’s Annual Community Cleanup that took place Oct. 3. The turn-out was massive, and so were the results.  Q: Randy Smith, first, congratulations on your 10th year as a co-coordinator of the… Continue Reading


Thumbs Up for Clean-Up

This brief writing attempts summary of Saturday’s achievement at the 8th Community Creek Clean-up along the North Sacramento Trail from the North Market Street Bridge to the Sundial Bridge. Nothing could stop the outpouring on behalf of the resource and… Continue Reading


Watershed Wonder Kicks on Route 36

This summer’s improvement to SR 299W on the crooked Buckhorn may have benefits beyond accident reduction, time savings and motion sickness relief. Perhaps flagman-caused delay might give motorists pause to seek alternative routes to the Redwood Empire. State Route 36… Continue Reading


Redding’s Homeless, Part 2: Conversation with Randy Smith, Community Volunteer

Randy Smith’s descriptions of discovered illegal encampments are what planted the seed of the idea for this series. Full disclosure: Smith is a long-time friend.

Q: Randy, thanks for taking time to talk with me today. Can you please start by sharing with readers a list of the various facets of volunteer work that have given you a front-line look at the issue of homeless encampments?
Continue Reading